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About the Mill Village
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About the Mill Village


An aerial view of the Mill Village

A friendly, eclectic, historic neighborhood with a very diverse population, the Mooresville Mill Village is a 100+ year old cotton mill housing development located in Mooresville, NC. The village of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 room cottages was originally built by Mooresville Cotton Mills from 1902-1924 to provide housing for its workers. The mill rented the houses to its workers for nearly half a century, but sold them to the workers in the 50's. The former Mill itself was owned by Burlington Industries for the latter half of the 20th century, until it shuttered its operations in 1999. Cherokee Investment Partners purchased the mill complex at that time, and created plans for a massive mixed-use redevelopment project, but instead sold the property to new Concord Properties in late 2009. The new mill owners will be opening an upscale WOW! furniture and persian rug outlet in late spring 2010. Find out more about the history of the mill and Mill Village in our History section.

Today, the neighborhood remains almost completely intact and is protected by a Neighborhood Conservation Overlay. It boasts an eclectic population. Neighbors include several families who've lived here 80+years, bank and real estate yuppies, immigrant families and blue collar families, young entrepreneurs, Nascar Tech students and yes, we admit, our beloved neighborhood drunk.

The Mill Village is located in the southern part of "Old Mooresville", adjacent to the historic Downtown Mooresville business district. Schools are 10-15mn by foot (2mn by car). Downtown Mooresville shopping & dining is 10 mn by foot (2mn by car). The Mooresville golf course is adjacent to the Mill Village, and is 15mn by foot from the furthest areas of the village.

A mill house interior

The cottages originally featured wood lap exteriors 10' ceilings, all bead board interiors, gorgeous heart pine floors, and fireplaces. Most of those features remain but have often been hidden by layers of vinyl or asbestos siding on the outside and drywall, linoleum, and carpet on the interior. Find out more about the house construction and discover the eight different patterns used to build the mill village in our House Styles section.


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last updated March 1, 2010