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The First Mill Houses
Early Mill House Style
Mill House Styles
Construction of Mill No. 2
Immigration and Population
The Mill Village
Village Infrastructure
Mill Complex in the 20's and 30's
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The Mill Village
The expansion and relocation of the mill to South Church Street 1902 meant there would be more immigration and a need for more workforce housing around the new mill site. The mill began building new houses to accomodate the new workers it would need for the new operations. This time, the mill would build more than just houses. Over the decade following its expansion to South Church, a the mill would develop a self-sustaining village that would provide for all its workers' material, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

1907 to 1914

The former Second Presbyterian Church is visible on the 1914 Sanborn Map. The building now houses three upscale living apartments.
2nd Presbyterian Church

By 1907 a village was burgeoning around Mill#2. The 1902 Sanborn map shows a grocer and two dwellings on Main Street in front of Mill No.2. This early development of the Mill Village parallels the population boom that accompanied the expansion of the mill. By the time the 1914 Sanborn Map was drawn, a village of houses had cropped up, with a school, church, grocers, and barber shop all located just outside Mill no.2. Of all those buildings, only one--the former Second Presbyterian Church--remains today.

College Street Houses dating from 1907
College Street Houses as they look today


Although the 1908 Sanborn map focuses on the Mill and parts of the village are cropped out, we know from tax cards that the first seven houses still standing today on College Street were already built by that time. The houses were similar in pattern and materials to the houses on Institute Avenue and Church Street.


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