Mooresville Mill Village
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The First Mill Houses
Early Mill House Style
Mill House Styles
Construction of Mill No. 2
Immigration and Population
The Mill Village
Village Infrastructure
Mill Complex in the 20's and 30's
A Visual History of the Mill Village (slideshow)
Mooresville's Textile Heritage Slideshow (Statesville Landmark Website)

Mill Village Infrastructure

The mill village was tied in to the mill’s water and sewer infrastructure. That included clay sewer lines and plumbing supplied from the same lines from Reed Creek that supplied the mill.

A map of Mooresville in 1906 found in the Planning Department office shows scattered houses and stores around the Mill. But by 1907, the new village was taking shape, and the town of Mooresville agreed to splace street lighting in the area and in the town minutes the area was already being referred to as the “mill village.” Specifically, the town placed lights: <quote from Haseldon Chamber of Commerce book>

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Mooresville Mill Village Initiative
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