Mooresville Mill Village
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The First Mill Houses
Early Mill House Style
Mill House Styles
Construction of Mill No. 2
Immigration and Population
The Mill Village
Village Infrastructure
Mill Complex in the 20's and 30's
A Visual History of the Mill Village (slideshow)
Mooresville's Textile Heritage Slideshow (Statesville Landmark Website)


Women played an important role in the working world of the mill. Women tended to be more reliable than their male counterparts, who had a greater tendency to disappear under the effects of alcoholism.

The majority of workers in this 1935 Sewing Room photo are women. (Click for a larger version)
1935 Sewing Room photo

Only one thing tended to caused women to be unreliable--motherhood and the need to tend to their children.

To retain their women workers who had young children, the mill created a day care in the Community House.

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