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Old Picture of Mill Throughout the 20th century, Mooresville Mills (aka Mooresville Cotton Mills) grew from a small one-building enterprise into a mammoth complex that sprawled over dozens of acres and provided for the economic, social, and even spiritual well-being of its employees. Have a look at the Mill Pix slideshow to view the evolution of the MIll and Mill Village over the past century.
Campaign Event 2007 Campaign Event
Winter Critter

Winter Critters (opens in a new window)

Even though it is winter and nature seems asleep, now is the time that many Mill Village Critters and Characters come out to play...

Streetscapes Streetscapes Winter '08 (opens in a new window)
Church Street Green House' Institute and Church Streets (the original Mill Village)--coming soon!
March '08 Assembly

March '08: Dave Rogers and Mitch Abraham, over 60 residents as well as Commisioner miles Atkins and Mayor Bill Thunberg





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