Mooresville Mill Village
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You'll find some of the best dining experiences in Mooresville within easy walking distance of the Mill Village. Check out some of our favorites*:

Soiree on Main
Soiree Front "Upscale Casual Dining"--awesome for an elegant evening with a Chef-designed meal or for just a glass of wine in a beautiful setting.

La Patisserie

Elsa's world-class pastries and Manuel's warm welcome keep sweet tooths coming from around the country. Excellent for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, or a sinful afternoon snack. La Patisserie

Trackside Restaurant
While the restaurant's interior would win any contest for most unappealing decor, the Greek owner's delicious pitas and gyros will keep you focused on the food and coming back for more.

Prickly Pear
"Gourmet Mexican Cuisine with a Nouveau European Twist" You'll love their prickly pear margherita! Prickly Pear

Ted's Kickin' Chickin
Chicken wings at a variety of temperatures, delicious chicken salad, and pretty waitresses keep this place busy at lunch.

Pueblo Grande Mexican
This is your basic cheap Mexican made to suit American tastes. Go here in the summer after 5pm for margaritas on the patio.

The best fast burger in town, period. For the full experience, you'll have to try the Witch Doctor drink; just don't ask questions.
Gagliardo's Express

Mooresville's local celebrity chef Troy Gagliardo serves up yummy and sometimes unexpected dishes hot off the fired-up grill.


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