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Mill Village Neighborhood Conservation Overlay

In this section, you will find links to all information regarding the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO) guidelines:

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay now in Effect

The Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO) was passed by Town Council as part of the 2008 zoning ordinance. The NCO provides guidelines for the renovation of existing mill houses and for new construction in the Mill Village. Its purpose is to protect the historic character of the Mill Village and to ensure that future construction maintains and enhances that character.

What is a Conservation Overlay?

A conservation overlay is a new zoning tool used to manage and regulate change, growth and new development in an area. While general zoning can establish guidelines such as where industry, business, and housing can be developed, a conservation overlay allows for more specific management of an existing area with unique character. In order to become an overlay district, an area has to meet certain criteria. The Mooresville Mill Village is the perfect candidate to become Mooresville‘s first conservation overlay district.

The purpose of the overlay district is to provide protection from undesirable development. An overlay district can require new development to meet certain standards, protect older homes from being demolished, and require that renovations and additions blend in with the character of the neighborhood.

Conservation Overlay Workshops: Your Feedback

A draft of the guidelines was presented to the community at 2 public forums in May 2007. The guidelines were changed, based on feedback from residents such as Mrs. Joyce Souther and Mr. Will Luszcz.

The final Guidelines were presented for adoption to the Planning Board and then Town Council as part of the new town Zoning Ordinance on March 3, 2007. They went into effect as of the next day.


Read these FAQs, then read the Guidelines.

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