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Neighborhood Conservation Overlay: Myths

On this page, you'll find some common misconceptions about what a Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO) is and how it will affect current and future residents. For more answers to questions about the NCO, also read the FAQs, then read the draft actual Guidelines (Microsoft Word Document).

Myth #1: The NCO will make me fix my house up (and I don’t have the money).

Truth: The NCO is not a nuisance code or minimum housing standards enforcement tool. It is a zoning tool that guides future construction, demolition, and significant modification in established neighborhoods. It does not apply to currently existing structures.

Myth #2: The NCO requirements are too expensive and are meant to drive poor people out of the neighborhood.

Truth: The Mill Village NCO draft recommendations are that future construction should be respectful of the current streetscape: modest but beautiful homes, simple materials, nothing fancy.

Myth #3: The NCO is like a homeowner’s association.

Truth: The NCO is an addition to local zoning and construction regulations. It is unrelated to homeowners' associations. There is no “belonging” to an NCO. There is no club or association. It is not associated with any group of residents. There is no additional cost to being in the neighborhood.

Myth #4: No one is going to tell me what I can and can’t do on my property.

Truth: Zoning laws, Residential and Commercial construction code, nuisance laws, etc. already restrict what you can and can’t do on your property. The NCO would be an extension of the future zoning document.

Myth #5: The NCO will make people clean up their messes and get the junk off the front porches.

Truth: Again, the NCO is not a nuisance code enforcement tool and does not regulate nuisances such as trash-filled yards and porches. Only the nuisance code regulates trash and debris.

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